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By Todd Rowland, June 26, 2013 Comments Off News

Nightfall: Eastern Skies will release in September 2014 and introduce the all-new Link mechanic.  To see previews and learn more, visit the Eastern Skies page.

By Daniel Briscoe, October 29, 2012 Comments Off iOS

Hey Nightfall fans! We’ve got big news for you! This week, Nightfall on the iOS is only $0.99! And, a special promotional unlock is coming soon, which will give you all of the promo cards in the game! So if you haven’t already,… Read More »

Crimson Siege Preview: Little John and Rulesheet

By Daniel Briscoe, October 24, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Alright Nightfall fans – we hope you’ve enjoyed these previews as much as we have in giving them to you. Today is the last day of previews, and Nightfall: Crimson Siege releases next week! Today we have a preview from… Read More »

Crimson Siege Preview: Songbird 27

By Daniel Briscoe, October 19, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Today we have a special preview for Nightfall: Crimson Siege for you. We had a charity auction where the prize was a Nightfall card recently, and the result was “Songbird 27″. AEG has always been a strong supporter of charity,… Read More »

Crimon Siege Preview: Jorgen Jacobsen

By Daniel Briscoe, October 15, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Happy Monday Nightfall Fans, Today we have another Hunter preview for you – Jorgen Jacobsen. This card has two interesting features that compliment each other well. In the Chain, Jorgen allows you to destroy a minion based on how many… Read More »

Crimson Siege: Art Direction Article

By Daniel Briscoe, October 10, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Hello everyone, My name is John-Paul and I am one of the production leads for Crimson Siege, our newest edition to the Nightfall game line. I’m here to give you an inside peak into one of my great passions, art… Read More »

Crimson Siege Preview: Le Chat Rose

By Daniel Briscoe, October 5, 2012 Comments Off Previews

We’ve got another great Nightfall: Crimson Siege preview for you today – “Le Chat Rose” – who lets you get back actions that you have lost to be used again! Her abilitiy and kicker are quite powerful with several actions… Read More »

Crimson Siege Preview: Better Him than Me

By Daniel Briscoe, October 1, 2012 Comments Off Previews

Hey Nightfall fans! Now that you’ve been given insight into the design of the set, as well as been brought up to speed on the new Summon mechanic, the card previews for this expansion get a lot more exciting as… Read More »

Crimson Siege: Interview with David Gregg and the Summon Mechanic!

By Daniel Briscoe, September 26, 2012 Comments Off Previews

As part of this week’s preview, we interviewed David Gregg to share with you all some interesting tid bits on Nightfall, along with his card selection for the week.  Enjoy! What’s it like to design a board game? DG: Tedious…… Read More »

Nightfall iOS: Martial Law has released!

By Daniel Briscoe, September 24, 2012 Comments Off iOS

PLAYDEK’S NIGHTFALL: MARTIAL LAW for iOS HAS RELEASED! Carlsbad, CA – Playdek, a leading mobile video game publisher, and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announced today that Martial Law, the first in-app expansion to the popular horror themed Nightfall iOS game,… Read More »