Crimson Siege: Interview with David Gregg and the Summon Mechanic!

As part of this week’s preview, we interviewed David Gregg to share with you all some interesting tid bits on Nightfall, along with his card selection for the week.  Enjoy!

What’s it like to design a board game?

DG: Tedious… but seriously, it’s a lot of iteration and trying to nail everything down and make it fun.  It starts out with some basic theme ideas and then adds on supporting mechanics.  New mechanics get added , others get cut, until it all just gels together really nicely.  It’s very fun and efficient to share ideas online, especially on BGG (  Sharing ideas online helps you get great feedback that your local group might not have thought of and can really speed up the development process.

What gets you most excited about Nightfall?

DG: Interacting with the fans has to be the best part.  Getting the opportunity to answer questions in the forums or on the official FAQ is pretty fun, plus hanging out and teaching the game at local cons is always a blast.  I’m lined up to demo Nightfall and run tournaments at this fall’s MACE (convention).

Have you ever been shocked by a card or combo during playtesting?

DG: Absolutely!  Sometimes I think the effect is just something mild, but then it ends up comboing in some ridiculous way that ends up breaking the card.  At one point, we had a card were people were seeing 17 influence on turn 2 and buying out whole stacks.  Have also encountered a couple infinite combos that we were able to fix in testing

What interesting things can we expect to see in Nightfall: Crimson Siege?

DG: Crimson Siege adds in one of my favorite mechanics (Summoning FTW!) and really brings a great presence to the ghouls.  Playing with this set will see the table swarming in them.  The set gets pretty epic when combined with other sets we have in the works!

Do you have a favorite card, combo, or art piece from any specific set?

DG: I really like cards in the 2-3 cost range with mediocre stats, that also have some effect in the, or when they attack.  Lilith Lawrence from the base set is an example; she inflicts damage in the chain, but is still decent while in play.  Zacharias Sands is also a personal favorite from the base set.

What are your two favorite cards for this set?

DG: Definitely the new summon card.  Love that new mechanic!  There are a bunch in the set I really like.  I’m gonna go with Died Piper as my other favorite summon mechanic, but it’s also excellent for handling table politics.  At a glance he isn’t much, but then he attacks… BAM

Anything specific you’d like to mention before we close?

DG: Hmm… we could always use quality playtest teams!  We have some excellent teams on board now, but sometimes they need a break and having others to step in is fantastic. Go playtesters!  You guys are the rock of game development.  Don’t know what we’d do without you all!

Now, for all of you who are wondering what the Summon mechanic does and how it can impact the game – there is a summoning deck, separate from the other stacks of cards in the game. Whenever a card with ‘Summon X’ on it resolves its ability, you draw from the top of that deck and place a minion into play under your control. There is a variety of Ghouls in the summon deck, and unlike other minions in Nightfall, when a Ghoul is destroyed, exiled, or otherwise removed from play, it goes back into the summon deck, and thus the supply of Ghouls to overwhelm your opponents will never run out.

We hope you enjoyed these previews and interview with David Greg – make sure to check back next Monday for more previews!



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