Crimson Siege: Art Direction Article

Hello everyone,

My name is John-Paul and I am one of the production leads for Crimson Siege, our newest edition to the Nightfall game line. I’m here to give you an inside peak into one of my great passions, art direction!

Crimson Siege was very fun to design and we had a blast working on the story direction. Story direction is really a key element in art direction as it helps to shape the world you are creating. It’s best to plan this as early as possible. We meet with David Gregg early in the development stages to share our initial story direction plans so they could be created into the card mechanics. We then used the early drafts of the card mechanics + story direction to write up a plan for the artwork. We’ll be taking a look at the direction planning for two specific cards.

The first card I want to talk about was an idea for a female Lycanthrope. I knew this was something I really wanted to make and also needed to come up with a way to ensure that everyone knew “Hey, this is a girl”. My idea to do this was to show a partially transformed werewolf where we could ensure that the “female” character was obvious. Knowing where we were headed with the story and that fire would play a central role (more to come on that in future previews) I decided it would be cool to play a fun pun with this card, and thus she became “Hot Blonde”! We threw in a little contrast to the fire by giving her ice blue eyes. Also, the hoody and jeans werea dded as a nice touch to help her blend in with the crowd and sneak past early defenses in the hunter guard posts.


Another fun thing about art direction is being able to throw in some Easter Eggs for the players. This is something we love to do here at AEG as you may or may not have noticed 🙂

Gendarme Primo has a few such items in his artwork, can you guess what they are? Here’s a few keywords to get you started: Guard, Post-Apocalyptic, Last Hope, Ruffian.

Well, something jump attacked me from my childhood and I couldn’t resist having a small shout out. Does anyone remember Mad Max? Go Google it if you don’t know what I am talking about.

That’s all from me! I hope you enjoy the card previews, and see if you can’t figure out more subtle references!

Till next time,

John-Paul Cheyne



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